Live Discussion App

Add conversation widget right next to your live feed in less than 5 minutes!

Our live discussion app allows you to embed a particular conversation right next to your live feed or product. It is ideal for gaming events and live conferences.

Install Live Discussion App into your Website

We provide ready-to-use UI kit which may be integrated into your web app in three easy steps.

  • First add the following div in your webpage:
<div class="cc-live-discussion-app" data-channel-id="CHANNEL_ID" data-channel-type="CHANNEL_TYPE" data-height="500px" data-width="100%"></div>
  • Next include the chat UI kit in footer:
  • Finally we need to initialize the chat UI kit. Add the following code right after the above script tag:
// Initialize ChatCamp
        appId: APP_ID, 
        user: {
          id: USER_ID,
          displayName: USER_DISPLAY_NAME // optional
          // avatarUrl: USER_AVATAR_URL // optional
          // accessToken: USER_ACCESS_TOKEN // optional
        ui: {
          theme: {
            primaryBackground: "#3f45ad",
            primaryText: "#ffffff",
            secondaryBackground: "#ffffff",
            secondaryText: "#000000",
            tertiaryBackground: "#f4f7f9",
            tertiaryText: "#263238"
          roster: {
            tabs: ['recent', 'rooms', 'users'], 
            render: false, 
            defaultMode: 'open', // other possible values are minimize, hidden
            showUserAvatarUpload: true,
            showStartNewChat: true
          channel: {
            showAttachFile: true,
            showVideoCall: true,
            showVoiceRecording: true

Here APP_ID, USER_ID, USER_DISPLAY_NAME, USER_AVATAR_URL, USER_ACCESS_TOKEN, CHANNEL_ID and CHANNEL_TYPE should be replaced by correct string values and you are good to go. :)

The value of CHANNEL_ID you may get by using our ChatCamp Dashboard. And the value of CHANNEL_TYPE can be either group or open depending on if it is a group channel or open channel respectively.

The Chat UI kit uses our ChatCamp JavaScript SDK to connect to our ChatCamp backend.