Every conversation or message belongs to a specific channel.

Once authenticated, the user may send and receive messages. The chat message being exchanged always belongs to a particular channel.

What is a channel?

A channel is similar to a mail thread or discussion forum where all chat messages belonging to a particular topic or idea are grouped together and stored. ChatCamp offers two types of channel - Open and Group.

1. Open Channel

An open channel is for public conversation which may be joined by any number of participants. There is no upper limit to it. Also, any user who is online and connected to chat may join an open channel and participate in it without any restriction.

2. Group Channel

A group channel is for private conversation. The user who has been invited to a group channel may join and participate within it. This invitation is sent by an already existing member of the group channel. A group channel may be of the following types:

  • Direct Messaging: It is private conversation (one-to-one chat) between two users.
  • Group Chat: This is a private conversation between more than two participants (upto a hundred).

Differences between Open and Group Channel

There are a few key differences between Open and Group Channel.

FunctionalityOpen ChannelGroup Channel
Number of ParticipantsUnlimitedOne Hundred
Push NotificationN/AAvailable
Read ReceiptsN/AAvailable
Typing IndicatorN/AAvailable
Access RestrictionPublicInvitation Based
User banAvailableN/A
User muteAvailableN/A
Suspend ChannelAvailableN/A
Unread message countN/AAvailable
Class nameOpenChannelGroupChannel